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Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP)

The U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot originally stored more than 2,600 tons of the blister agent mustard in projectiles and mortar rounds.

What is PCAPP?

PCAPP is safely destroying the stockpile of chemical weapons in storage at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Weapons Depot in Colorado.

The Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP) was constructed and systemized to complete the demilitarization of over 780,000 mustard filled chemical weapons in Pueblo, Colorado.  Amentum operates and maintains three facilities to support the overarching destruction of the chemical weapons and explosives including (1) the Main Plant for destruction of the stockpile (2) PCAPP Static Detonation Chambers to support destruction of problematic rounds that cannot be processed in the Main Plant and (3) Anniston, Alabama Static Detonation Chamber for processing of non-contaminated explosives.


Three different campaigns involving various sizes of projectiles are being destroyed as part of the PCAPP mission, including 299,554 - 155mm projectiles, 383,418 – 105mm projectiles, and 97,106 - 4.2” mortars.  Operations commenced on September 7, 2016 with a series of pilot tests to confirm the plant emissions were compliant with all safety and environmental regulations.  The plant utilizes neutralization followed by biotreatment of the treated effluent to demilitarize the stockpile. 


The Amentum team is proud to support destruction of post- World War II legacy high hazard chemical weapons.  Team PCAPP – here to make Pueblo, Colorado and the world a safer place!

155mm Projectiles


105mm Projctiles



4.2-inch Mortar Rounds





Kim Jackson
VP of Operations



pcapp's LATEST NEWS!

PCAPP Completes the 105mm 
Projectile Campaign


The PCAPP team crossed the finish line at 1451 hours July 20, 2022, when the final 105mm projectile exited the Munitions Treatment Unit.  This was the second of three destruction campaigns completed by the team and the largest, destroying over 383,000 mustard filled chemical weapons.   The team completed this campaign 14 months early and set all-time chemical demilitarization records for the most rounds destroyed in a single day, week, and month.  Over 100,000 rounds were destroyed in three consecutive six-month award fee periods achieving record setting production milestones.

The 105mm projectile campaign was the most difficult of the three destruction campaigns.  It included 54,000 problematic rounds expected to leak during disassembly (and did they ever!) resulting in significant chemical agent contamination and specialized Level A PPE for recovery.  In addition, 28,000 fused rounds with known challenges in reverse disassembly had to be managed by the team. 

RM Pic 1_edited.jpg


Viktor Korotkov Conducts His
500th DPE Entry


On September 14, 2022 PCAPP employee Viktor Korotkov achieved his 500th Demilitarization Protection Ensemble (DPE) entry.  This is a tremendous accomplishment that involves personal dedication to remain healthy, hydrated and physically capable to perform this high hazard task for the project.  Viktor has been a PCAPP employee since 2014, and started performing entries in 2016.  He goes about his entries with a production mindset, focused on completing his tasks safely and efficiently so that tasks don’t overflow into another entry team’s work.  This stays in alignment with PCAPP’s ALARA principle to minimize time in highly contaminated areas that require personnel to manage the contaminated wastes that are part of the maintenance and operations activities to maintain the operational equipment.

Viktor commented “I’m not one for desk work.  I need to be suited up and working with my hands.  In every entry I do gives me a sense of accomplishment.”  His favorite entries are where he performs maintenance work, though he enjoys any entry he gets to do.   Korotkov also talked about the importance of staying healthy for entries.  Every day he wakes up and immediately starts hydrating.  “I try to always be ready for a DPE entry.  That means staying healthy, hydrated and in shape.  So far, I have had no issues getting to 500 entries!”

The actions that he takes to remain prepared both at work and at home to remain healthy and ready to go at a moment’s notice is a remarkable example of personal accountability to support our mission at PCAPP.  The PCAPP Team salutes Viktor for all his dedication and being the first employee to safely conduct 500 DPE entries!


“I try to always be ready for a DPE entry.  That means staying healthy, hydrated and in shape.  So far, I have had no issues getting to 500 entries!”

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