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PCAPP Waste Operations manage Over 12 Million Pounds

"Destroying bullets is our goal but without efficient and timely waste disposal, this plant cannot function. The Waste department has some of the most highly skilled people working to make this happen."

PCAPP Waste department celebrating 40,000 munition countdown milestone.

The PCAPP Waste Operations department is part of our employee spotlight, showcasing our impressive talent who are dedicated to managing hazardous wastes generated at the main plant and Static Detonation Chamber plants.    The team follows strict state and federal guidelines regarding treatment, characterization, and disposition of all wastes, such as agent contaminated, salt cake, energetics, metals, and universal waste.


Familiarization and training on RCRA and EPA standards are a requirement to support activities at PCAPP.  Employees also obtain a Class A driver’s license, requiring 40 hours of educational training, 120 hours of practical driving and a successful practical test with a state evaluator.  There are also numerous courses related to hazardous waste generator, hazardous waste operator and Hazardous Waste Operator and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER).


Every operator must also be Level A or DPE (demilitarization protective ensemble) certified.  Level A entries are routinely conducted daily to manage all agent contaminated wastes from maintenance or operations evolutions to maintain equipment that supports PCAPP’s chemical weapons destruction process.   Planning and execution of daily tasks by our supervisory and management team are critical in efficiently managing the backlog and emerging issues.

Two employees who make a difference everyday at PCAPP are Waste Supervisor Ashley Hudspeth and Waste Management Deputy Manager Diana Bosman

Waste supervisor Ashley Hudspeth has been at PCAPP for 5 years. She likes that Amentum PCAPP cares about the employees, especially as the project now sees the closure phase on the horizon.

Ashley likes being part of the problem-solving efforts to overcome obstacles and grow her skillset for future opportunities.

Diana Bosman has been at PCAPP for 11 years, she enjoys working with everyone at PCAPP, not just in the waste department and how everyone is committed to the project and its goal of safely destroying the stockpile of chemical weapons at PCAPP.


She is most proud of how her team works together and faces challenges.

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