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PCAPP Completes the 105mm
Projectile Campaign


The PCAPP team crossed the finish line at 1451 hours July 20, 2022, when the final 105mm projectile exited the Munitions Treatment Unit.  This was the second of three destruction campaigns completed by the team and the largest, destroying over 383,000 mustard filled chemical weapons.   The team completed this campaign 14 months early and set all-time chemical demilitarization records for the most rounds destroyed in a single day, week, and month.  Over 100,000 rounds were destroyed in three consecutive six-month award fee periods achieving record setting production milestones.

The 105mm projectile campaign was the most difficult of the three destruction campaigns.  It included 54,000 problematic rounds expected to leak during disassembly (and did they ever!) resulting in significant chemical agent contamination and specialized Level A PPE for recovery.  In addition, 28,000 fused rounds with known challenges in reverse disassembly had to be managed by the team. 

Chemical weapons destruction operations began at the plant in September 1016, with a stockpile of more than 780,000 chemical weapons stored at the Pueblo Chemical Depot. As of July 20, approximately 92,000 4.2” mortars remain. The destruction of 2,334.6 U.S. tons or 89% of mustard agent has been reported to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or OPCW, an intergovernmental organization  that implements the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty.

The final destruction campaign of 4.2-inch mortar rounds is currently underway.


Congratulations to all the PCAPP employees for their hard work and safe, compliant execution of destruction campaign number 2!!!!

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