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Employee Spotlight - Emley Clarke

You're never too old to set another goal or
dream a new dream ~ C.S. Lewis


Emley Clarke, Ordanance Technician, reviews exclusion entry log for access to explosive processing building

PCAPP employee Emley Clarke never thought she would be part of a team destroying chemical weapons in the sunset of her career.  Her life and work ethic are a testament that anything is possible. 

Emley grew up in the Philippines and owned her own beauty shop.  Her commitment to customer service propelled her to be a successful business owner and taught her hard work can take you anywhere.  She came to the United States in 1981 to start a new career to help her family.   Emley worked in the food industry doing whatever was asked, from bussing tables, cooking on the front line and even supervising her own staff.   She met her husband and went to work at in the dining hall at Johnston Atoll, Hawaii – the first chemical demilitarization plant in the United States.  “It was so thrilling to see the plant employees supporting such a dangerous mission and hear about their progress.  Even though I worked to feed the workers, I still felt like I was part of something special.”  She moved with her husband to Oregon to support chemical weapons destruction in the western U.S. and served as a janitor.  “I got to meet so many great people who supported this effort and started asking questions about how I could prepare myself to be an actual plant worker.  I knew it was dangerous, and physically demanding, but safety was so evident by everyone that worked there that I thought this is something I could actually do.”

Eventually she relocated to Colorado to support start-up of the largest chemical weapons plant in the U.S.  Her husband and daughter both pushed her to apply even though she had just turned 60.    Emley applied for an Ordnance Technician position and landed the job.  She jumped in to complete her rigorous training and certification and has proven to be an asset to the team.  Supervisor Alex Silva remarked “She never complains about any assignment we give her, she is always ready to do the job.  Supervisor Dre Martin commented “I’m so grateful when I see her filling in on overtime.  It is a weight off my shoulders because I know it will be done right.”

Emley celebrates her 70th birthday this month and continues to be an inspiration to her fellow employees.  Emley credits her career success to the overwhelming support from her husband and family, and the work ethic she was taught as a young woman in the Philippines.   She is proud of what she has accomplished and radiates positive energy with her big smile to fellow workers. 


She was asked “What will you remember the most about your life?”  Emley responded “I became a U.S. citizen and was never too proud to work as a food service employee or a janitor.  I wasn’t afraid to try something challenging and become a plant worker destroying chemical weapons.  I love my job and am so happy to be part of the PCAPP family!”


Emley Clarke, Ordnance Technician (center) with Operations Supervision Dre Martin (left) and Alex Silva (right)

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