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ESA Spotlight

These amazing men and women have dressed 27,700+ employees to date in Level A dress! 

ESA April_2023 (3).jpg

The PCAPP Entry Support Area (ESA) provides critical support to the mission team!  They are responsible for preparing their co-workers for entry into highly contaminated areas of the plant to perform work.  This includes performing a comprehensive pre-job brief, dressing and sealing employees into Level A dress, monitoring ingress and egress out of the toxic areas, and maintaining all the gear.  These amazing men and women have dressed 25,000+ employees to date in Level A dress!  Visitors are so impressed by the teamwork, attention to detail and choreography to manage multiple Level A entries in a shift to support maintenance repair, managing the contaminated wastes, and operations activities required for a 24/7 plant! 

ESA April_2023 (5).png

Two members of our ESA team are Levi and Jose -

Levi Vera (top) is an ESA Tender and has been at PCAPP for six years. What Levi likes about working at PCAPP is consistent improvement and always trying to find ways to get better and more efficient. As the Chair of PCAPP’s Employee Led Team he appreciates that it provides a forum to resolve issues that may be too big for one person but can be solved with a broader employee team. He is most proud of being allowed to take ownership of his own area to reduce abort rates for Level A entries.

Jose Arebalo (bottom) is a supervisor and has been at PCAPP for four and a half years. Jose likes that PCAPP has a friendly, open, and very safe culture and that employees are encouraged to use their pause work authority. He really enjoys coming to work, interacting with employees’ and is proud to lead VIP tours showcasing what we do in the ESA!

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