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PCAPP employees were recognized January 18, 2023 during the bi-annual In Process Review (IPR), a high-level meeting with Department of Defense, Program Executive Office Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives (PEO ACWA) and systems contractor officials. “We owe you all a debt of gratitude,” said VP of Operations Kim Jackson as two groups of employees were recognized for outstanding problem solving with the Improved Cavity Access Machines and Static Detonation Chamber availability.   Site Project Manager Walton Levi acknowledged these employees for being “tremendous assets” to the team.  

The Integrated Cavity Access Machines team collaborated with fellow Amentum experts and assisted in assembly, factory acceptance testing and initial proof of concept testing in Louisville, Kentucky.  Maintenance and Operations personnel were on the shop floor crating the production equipment for shipment to Colorado, and then traveled home to lead the installation, all in Level A dress.  Commissioning and testing with simulated mortars followed to confirm readiness for agent operations.  The ownership from the Pueblo team and on-going optimization during early operations was recognized from DOD leaders.

Team SDCs

Static Detonation Team members led the most efficient step improvement in plant availability for the complex in a first-year production effort.  The team implemented improvements in outage management, replacement of routine spares, and introduced new techniques for Off Gas Treatment System cleanouts to improve plant uptime.   The team was able to improve plant availability from 43% to 67% in just four months. 

The cumulative efforts by both plant teams in Colorado have positioned the team to complete agent operations ahead of schedule.

Randy Johnson recognized by John Heller for his commitment to Main Plant ICAM Team Lead

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