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First PCAPP Job Fair a Huge Success!


On April 26-27, 2023, a leadership delegation of 24 people representing all three Amentum business groups (ES&T, Critical Missions and National Security) converged at the plant to meet with PCAPP employees who were interested in relocating once they reach their organizational release dates.

Looking out for Employees

The Job Fair was the brainchild of VP of Operations Kim Jackson. She said “This is a very special workforce, who understand the importance of safe, high hazard work.  They have the right attitude, pride in mission, and are outstanding problem solvers!  I cannot say enough about our broader Company leadership in supporting us through this Career Fair to help in future transition, as our Operations phase ends this summer.”

“It’s important to me that our employees are taken care of, and if any anxiety exists around job transition, then we are going to do what it takes to alleviate that fear,” Jackson said. “In one day of the fair, we had 15 offers to our employees who will be guaranteed a job once they complete their PCAPP assignment.”

Opportunities Abound

Various Amentum projects were represented at the fair, with most of the receiving sites in awe of the organization and volume of interest they received from employees.

“It’s exciting to me to see these successful workers as they complete this project being able to use those skills learned here to further the progress at other projects throughout the country,” said Amentum Executive Phil Breidenbach, who is responsible for large Department of Energy nuclear facilities. “These sites are similar to PCAPP, where we have thousands of workers doing high-hazard work.”

Breidenbach said he visited PCAPP a year ago to see how PCAPP’s work might translate to the nuclear business. “It’s perfect because employees work by procedure, have work packages for maintenance, safety analyses for work, and control rooms,” he said. “These are highly skilled, highly trained workers and that’s exactly what we need at our other sites.”

Volunteers Key to Success

“The event was a monumental success, thanks to the amazing work of all the volunteers who helped ensure everything went smoothly,” said Jackson. “These ambassadors represented PCAPP so well, and clearly demonstrated what makes our workforce so special – their dedication and love of mission.  My heartfelt thanks go out to all the volunteers who made this happen.”

VP of Operations, Kim Jackson, welcomes project representatives.

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