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Munitions Transport

“When one of his coworkers is struggling with a task, Carlos will step up to help.“

Brandon Rigby and Beth Bukovsky

Carlos Romero is one of our awesome Munition Transporters on the Operations Support team. That means, when PCAPP needs chemical weapons to be moved from storage to the plant, Carlos can jump in and support driving forklifts or Modified Ammunition Vans to support the mission.

Carlos is a Colorado native, graduating from Widefield High School in Colorado Springs in 1990. He has been married for 28 years and works alongside his father-in-law, Max Bernal, here at PCAPP. Outside of work, Carlos enjoys riding his Harley and restoring his 1965 Chevy Impala.

With over 8 years on the project, Carlos has had many experiences. During one scheduled MAV drive, he and his coworker had a close encounter of the slithering kind. “My partner and I were getting ready to switch places and a nice healthy diamond back rattle snake was rattling his tale for us to see! We both carefully backed away…. I have never seen another diamond back rattler that big at the main plant or at the SDC.” Carlos has also used his time to gain experience in other areas and has cross trained as a Level C Ordnance Technician.

“Carlos takes pride in the work he does… during the winter…(he’s) the first one to clean the MAV dock to eliminate the snow and ice… in the springtime he’s always cleaning the weeds” states David Burgos, Operations Support Supervisor, “When one of his coworkers is struggling with a task, Carlos will step up to help.“

PCAPP is lucky to have an outstanding  employee in Carlos Romero!

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