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A Fantastic February


The PCAPP team has a fantastic February, achieving three significant milestones.  On February 19, 2022 the Static Detonation Chambers (SDCs) began agent operations by commencing destruction of 4.2” mortars!  It seems hard to believe that ~ 2.5 years ago in June 2019 the team was breaking ground to start construction of our three SDCs.  By December 2020 the first SDC was commissioned, followed closely by the final two SDCs in March 2021.  The SDC complex received regulatory approvals in October 2021 and the plant team kicked off non-agent testing.  The final regulatory approval for agent operations was received on February 18, 2022 closing the final Category 1 finding. 


The PCAPP Main Plant achieved 75% destruction of the chemical weapons stockpile on February 17, 2022 by surpassing over 585,000 rounds destroyed.  Two days later the Main Plant team completed 75% destruction of their current 105mm projectile campaign, the largest of the three campaigns.  Over 286,000 105mm projectiles have now been eliminated.


The PCAPP team now has two operational plants working together to complete the Operations mission in 2023.  The amazing PCAPP workforce continues to perform their mission safely and remains dedicated to eliminating chemical weapons in Colorado!

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