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Chemical Weapon Destruction, No Match for Operations Department

PCAPP Operations department celebrating the 10,000 countdown.

The Operations team represents the heart and soul of the PCAPP mission.  These courageous men and women are on the front lines support chemical weapons destruction, all while directly in the face of four high hazards – chemical agent, explosives, sulfuric acid and caustic.  This team of highly skilled employees will complete destruction of over 780,000 chemical weapons, representing the second largest stockpile in the United States.  The Operations team encompasses the Ordnance Technicians who handle the chemical weapons, the Control Room Operators who remotely process the chemical weapons and oversee all plant utilities, and the Plant Operators who ensure all plant utilities and equipment are operable to support the mission.

Due to their skill in high hazards, the majority of the Emergency Response Team is represented by the Operations department employees.  The four crews perform contingency exercise training every month and rotate through a variety of evolutions to maintain their proficiency and emergency preparedness.  Their attention to detail in handling the high hazards and noticing any deviation is critical.  Employees on the front lines have identified numerous leakers and corroded chemical weapons that require additional controls or alternative processing paths at the Static Detonation Chambers to ensure operations remains safe for the employees, the public and the environment.

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