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National Guard and
Reserve Employees of PCAPP


"PCAPP honors our National Guard and Reserve Members who go
above and beyond to support our state and nation in keeping
us safe! We thank you for your military service and are so happy
to help you and your families during your deployments."


Alicia Sandoval, Iva Fatongia, James “Dre” Martin, Richard Wilson and Sean Douglas were nominated by Waste Operator Cesar Garces, a veteran and current Colorado National Guard member, for providing exceptional support of veterans. According to their website, the Patriot Award “reflects efforts made to support citizen warriors through a wide range of measures including flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families, and granting leaves of absence if needed.”

At a special presentation in the plant in February, Deputy Operations Manager Bryan Greasor acknowledged the recipients. “These supervisors truly support their employees, and the recipients are veterans who understand what other veterans need to support them.”

PCAPP Patriot Award Recipients


James “Dre” Martin

Dre made the U.S. Army a career from 1989-2011 before coming to PCAPP. “The comradery, the team building, is still with me to this day,” he said when asked about his military career. “Receiving this award is awesome—I tell people all the time that my job is to support them because I know what it takes.” Martin is a process supervisor, and this May will mark his sixth year at PCAPP.


Sean Douglas

Sean is a process supervisor for ordnance technicians and has been at PCAPP for four years. He was with the Marine Corps from 2005-09 and some of his best memories are the friends he made, the comradery and the two deployments to Iraq. Also, he said he’ll never forget is experience when he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. As far as being nominated by Garces for the award, he says, “I was very happy to support him.”


Richard Wilson

Richard is one of the other crew waste management supervisors and has been part of PCAPP since 2012.   As a fellow Army veteran, Garces said Wilson understands the difficulty faced with being a father, husband, and family member when in the military. “He is a very good friend and an excellent supervisor, and he deserves this award for his dedication and support to our mission here and in the Colorado National Guard”.

Iva Fatongia

Iva joined the team in 2013, and is one of the crew waste management supervisors, managing wastes from the two plants.  In his nomination of Fatongia, Cesar noted, “My supervisor has always supported me with my military career.  When I have scheduled drills, she always made sure that I had the time off.”


Alicia Sandoval

Alicia is the human resources interface that supports our military service members and does an outstanding job taking care of our people.  She has been at PCAPP since 2015.  According to Garces, he nominated Alicia, a human resources generalist, for her support. He wrote, “She’s always available to me and to support my military leave for drills. She’s a very good professional and a great supporter of the military.”

PCAPP is a proud supporter of our military veterans, both active and retired.  The Amentum workforce includes 30% prior military veterans representing all branches.  Their understanding of mission and supporting a project that makes the world a safer place strikes a chord with our prior service members. 


“They made Americans’ safer while on active duty, and now to be a part of PCAPP destroying aging chemical weapons for the greater good - the pride of continued service to their country is evident” said Kim Jackson, Project Manager.

“This is a special award because it’s one where you are nominated by your peers,” said Main Plant Plant Manager Jim Brewer. “There’s no higher recognition than an employee nominating a supervisor or peer. These five employees clearly have gone above and beyond in helping others.”

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